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How are you using Chat GPT in your daily tasks? tech saas specially - or lifestyle.

Deel Team

Weekender II

I've been using it to create drafts for recommendations for people. I'd place attributes of the person I'm recommending in ChatGPT and ask it to generate the recommendation based on those attributes. I'll then use that as a base to make my own. 😄 

Weekender II

My work includes lots of writing and creativity, and sometimes my fuel runs out. So I've been using Chat GPT as a sort of "thinking buddy", to find new ways to rephrase some drafts. Some of its answers actually help me to rethink the outlook of some texts, or I'll use some sentences to start writing again.
I'm no expert and I bet there's much more potential to it, but this has been helpful! Remote working doesn't always let you have those group-thinking, brainstorming moments, so, for me, this is an alternative.


Hi @Maru, thanks for sharing more about how ChatGPT weaves into your work. I think that's such a practical way of leveraging the tool, and you're totally right – sometimes when your creative fuel runs out, you just need a little spark to get the engine going again.

A popular digital marketer I subscribe to, Ann Handley, wrote about ChatGPT recently with a similar lens to your outlook: 

Maybe instead of us bugging others for feedback—Does this make sense to you? Does the logic work?—what if instead an AI tool can lay its robot eyeballs on our work, challenging us to bust out of the well-worn tracks writers stay inside.

You can’t put AI in the hands of someone who can’t write and expect anything other than mediocre. And you can’t ever expect AI to ever disrupt your own writing—to call you to a higher place creatively—without a little gung-ho and gusto of your own.

AI doesn’t work on its own… not really.

It requires discerning people who care. It needs discerning people who care.

I love the idea of applying ChatGPT in more of a brainstorm buddy kind of way! 

I think the link to the newsletter is broken, @CassyL , but don't worry, I found it!
Hadn't heard from her before, but that piece of writing is interesting and, may I say, benevolent. I think Chat GPT is a great tool that doesn't deserve any kind of demonization (at least, yet!) but only if you know how to use it and don't loose sight of what it is: a tool, not a magic worker.
Thank you for this read, I'll share it with my coworkers 😊


Ah great catch @Maru 🔍, I've updated the link to make sure its fixed for others that might click 🙂 Guess I should be using Chat GPT to check my own work 😅

Weekender II

I use it for:
-Writing documentation
-Writing GHERKIN-based user user stories
-Looking for instructions on things that I am strongly opinionated on, and I need reasons to go the other way.