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I've made a blog on destinations to work remotely from!

Deel Team

After a couple of years of travelling and working remotely whilst working as a Product Designer at Deel, I've put together a selection of articles on some of the best (and worst) places I've had the pleasure of visiting.

Included are areas I'd suggest basing yourself in, office spaces to work from, preferential coffee spots and routes for exploring the outdoors.

For anyone looking for any inspiration on destinations to visit in 2024, there may be something of interest for you in there.

Would love to hear any thoughts!

Will be posting regular updates on Linkedin if you'd like to connect there



Exploring the work remotely in NYC unveils a plethora of options catering to diverse preferences. From bustling cafes in Brooklyn to serene parks in Manhattan, the city offers a dynamic array of environments conducive to productivity. Co-working spaces like WeWork and The Wing provide not only a professional atmosphere but also networking opportunities and amenities. Additionally, libraries and boutique cafes offer quiet havens for focused work sessions. Ultimately, the best places to work remotely NYC depend on individual preferences, whether it's the energetic buzz of a shared workspace or the tranquility of a hidden gem.