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Statement for Visa on Deel Card

Weekender II


I am applying for a visa that requires you to show a statement that reflects a certain amount. I was wondering if deel can help us generate this statement on the deel card because it is linked with a proper banking institution ? 

- the name of the account holder

- the account number

- the balance of the account

- the currency

- all account transactions from the past six months


Deel Team

Hi @YahyaAli ,

To answer your question, we don't recommend using your Deel Card balance as substitute for your bank statement in any visa applications. The reason being that though Deel Card and Deel as a whole is not a banking institution and thus records from Deel submitted to any consular office as bank statements maybe flagged and disqualified. We encourage you to contact the consular office of the country you are applying a Visa for to get further clarification and confirmation. For records purposes, you may see your Deel transaction records through this link and your Deel Card transactions here. Hope this clarifies. 🙂