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Hello all, I am new to deel. I submitted my withdrawal with deel last week on the 8th. It was through instant card. I made sure all of my information was correct before I did so. It was a friday so I was told to wait until monday. It is now wednesday and the delay continues to be extended. has this happened to any one? and if so how long did it take to receive your withdrawal? Thank you.



Hi Mailene @mloya0814

I'm sorry to hear that your withdrawal was delayed. I noticed that you've already submitted a ticket with our Support team, and they're actively working with you to expedite the process. They'll be the best team to help further investigate this for you. 

Typically, Instant Card transfers will become available to you in seconds. However, delays may occur depending on how fast your bank credits your funds, or on the rare occasions that our provider might experience slower processing. For more information and FAQs on Instant Card transfers here

Please be on the lookout for a response from our Support team so that they can continue to work towards a swift resolution for you! 

Thanks so much for your patience, 


i have the same issue and still looking for a solution , dm me if you solved it plz 😀

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Hi @AmandaDev
Happy to help here! I took a look at your account but it doesn't seem like you have an active contract through Deel yet. Please let us know how we can assist you, or feel free to create a Support ticket here.