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What apps or services do you use for mental well-being?


Hi Community!

Throughout the month of May, we've focused a lot on the importance of mental health in the workplace. Did you know that among the many perks and benefits you can access through your Deel profile, there are also services that help promote your mental well-being? You can check them out here!

What are some services or apps you use to help ensure your mental well-being is always a priority?

My personal favorite has been Calm or Headspace, which helps me relax or destress, or helps me fall asleep better. I've also heard some folks say fitness apps, like Strava, has been a good app for them to not only exercise, but create some competitive fun with their friend/work networks! 



Hi @CassyL I don't use any Apps but I do yoga and it helps me have a better work posture at my desk and also focus when I'm feeling like everything is super blurry or my thoughts are all over the place... I've been practicing on and off (or when I can/really need to) since I was 11 years old... I recommend it!

Deel Team

October 10 is World Mental Health Day 2023🍀

I personally don't use any apps as I can't bring myself to stay committed to them for long enough. 😅 I try to stay away from screens when I'm not working anyway.

Battling everyday stress isn't easy, so here are my go-to tactics to take care of my mental health:
- Taking time off to stay at home, sleep, read, not talk to anyone. What makes me the happiest in the world is spending time with my kid, but also having alone time. I love people, but I also feel exhausted after too many social interactions, so I need some quiet time to recover and restore my energy.
- Maintaining a flexible work schedule, so that I can take breaks, run errands, do chores... while working. I don't like it when there's more work 😂 waiting for me to tackle after I'm done with work. 
- Water. I don't know what kind of magic it is, but just looking at water calms my nerves and makes me happy. River, lake, sea, whatever. Might try looking at a bottle of water to see if it helps 😂
- WhatsApp voice message exchange with my bestie (they're usually rants and are starting to resemble podcasts. And I have to take notes to remember to reply to everything, but it's so healing for both of us! 😄)

I'd love to see what y'all do to keep your mental health in check! 🙂 

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