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What type of remote worker are you?

Deel Team

There seem to be two ways remote workers tend to approach the way they work:

  • Setting up a full home office with all the bells and whistles
  • Just a laptop, working from anywhere

I’m more of the latter. As long as I have my laptop, I’m happy to work from a bench in the park.

Which type are you?



I'm always so jealous of the types of people that could work from a park bench! I would get too distracted, and/or want to pet every dog that walks by 😅
I'm more of the home office type, though I wouldn't say I need all the bells and whistles....I'm still looking for chair reccos if anyone has them lol

I feel you so much, Daisy! I turn into a goldfish when working outside my room lol 

Deel Team

Daisy, there's nothing wrong with petting the dogs while working! 😄 I think I read a study that found that cuddling with pets increases oxytocin levels, which helps boost our mood... motivating us to work better. That's a cool excuse to work from a park 😆

I can work literally from anywhere. I worked from a train, a plane, a hair salon, and a waiting room at a lab while I was waiting for some test results. No time to waste haha

For a star to be born, there is one thing that must happen: a gaseous nebula must collapse. So collapse. Crumble. This is not your destruction. This is your birth.

Weekender II

I recently finished building my house, and one of the main requirements I asked for was an office space me and my wife share ❤️

Wow! It's so cool that you just finished building your house @DonPablitoV, congratulations! I love that you specifically designed your place to have a co-working space with your wife – it would be cool to see what design inspiration you went with! Others have shared a picture of their workstation in this post: