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Deel Team

Deel Community is a safe space for you to ask questions, find answers, connect with others, and, more importantly–grow your community.

To ensure everyone’s experience is inclusive and empathetic, there are a few house rules to guide you in your interactions with others. These reflect the Community principles and how we believe everyone should be treated. They are the key pillars that will help us build the best experience.

House Rules

  • Be kind
    Remember that everyone comes from a different background and place. Be kind to others and respect their uniqueness. Be helpful and patient instead of overly critical or negative. Text, images, and video content that is harmful or offensive, such as hate speech, pornography, racism, or violence, is not welcome and will be removed immediately. If you encounter such content, please report it to Community Managers (@daryldy@CassyL) or send an email to

  • Keep things relevant
    Make sure that your posts and replies are related to the forum you're in. Spamming, solicitation, thread hijacking, or unendorsed advertising are prohibited. If you want to start a new conversation, create a post here.

  • Keep privacy a priority
    Your posts are discoverable by the entire Community so make sure that you keep personal and identifiable information private. Surnames, ID numbers, credit card information, phone numbers, addresses, and medical information are all personal and identifiable information and should not be shared publicly. You can manage your personal information visibility under the account settings.

  • Reference your sources
    The Community is member-driven, and the majority of the content is generated by the members. Be mindful of this when referencing posts. Always verify information with credible, official sources before taking action. Look out for posts endorsed by the Deel Community team. Always use your best judgment when acting on the information you find on the platform.

  • Be mindful of your posts
    Remember to double-check your posts if you are revealing information that may be covered under NDAs, trade secrets, commercial property, or otherwise.

By using Deel Community platform, you agree to follow the house rules as well as the Community Terms and Conditions laid out by the Deel Community.