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Changing the default wallet for Deel Card withdrawals


Is it possible to change what currency this defaults to? I assumed the USD card would default to USD wallet and accidentally sent it to my unused JPY wallet (from a past contract). Can't find the proper setting for it.
Screenshot 2024-01-11 at 8.34.43 AM.png


Deel Team

Hey @robin,

You can change your Preferred Withdrawal methods from the Withdrawal Methods tab inside the Account Settings menu.

  1. First, choose a Preferred Withdrawal method. To do this, click the withdrawal method you want to choose as your preferred method to open the withdrawal options menu. Toggle-on Preferred Method.
  2. You can then enable Automatic Withdrawal. When your client pays you your Deel balance will automatically be withdrawn using your preferred withdrawal method.

I hope this helps. Please let me know if you need any more assistance.


Thanks but I'm talking about Deel Card withdrawals. So you can add funds to Deel Card, but also withdraw them to your Balance. In my account, there's a JPY balance and a USD balance. Those are not Withdrawal Methods. If you look closely at my screenshot, you'd see what I'm talking about-- "Transfer money from your Deel Card wallet to your Deel Balance".


Hi friend! Happy new year and hope you, the fam, and kitties are all doing well 👋

I dug into this a little more, and I believe that the setting automatically defaults to the first currency you had set up in your account. I pinged our Deel Card team to get confirmation on this, or if there's some other setting elsewhere that I missed. If it's not something our users can edit at this time (without having to remove it and re-add), I can certainly include that as a feature request for the team's consideration! 

I'll follow up here when I learn more. No existential crisis needed 😂 

Hi @robin, I just wanted to follow up on your question. I connected with our Deel Card product team, and they confirmed that the logic is set so that the default selects the first option from the list. Currently, there's no way for this setting to default differently. However, this feedback was passed along to the team, so if anything changes about this feature down the road, we'll be sure to let the Community know! 
Thanks so much,