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Crypto withdrawal

Hi, is there any new method withdrawing money to a crypto wallet or any crypto platform for non us/eu person ? (except coinbase)

Yass by Weekender II
  • 18 replies

Debit card money

Hi. I know that a have to withdraw my money from deel within 30 days.How about money in my debit cards? Is it the same? 

Calling all Deel Card Users

Hi Community friends Do you actively use a Deel Card, or have you used one in the past? If so, our team would love to hear from you in the survey below! We’re excited to make your Deel Card experience even better, so please let us know what you love...

Untitled design (8).png
CassyL by Administrator
  • 0 replies

Deel Card for Egypt

Hello, I'm from Egypt and I do have Deel card. Can I keep my funds indefinitely on it? Or Am I bound with a specific time frame to withdraw similar to the 30 days for the funds outside of the card? 

Nasr by Weekender
  • 1 replies

Can I save my money on Deel like a bank account?

I would like to know if I can keep my money in deel, like a bank account. If I take my deel card, will I be able to leave all my money here and use it with my card? Because when the money arrives I get an message that I have to withdraw it in the nex...

Resolved! Deel card 90 days limit Argentina

Hi Deel team!I'm reaching out to seek clarification regarding the 90-day fund retention limit on the Deel card for users in Argentina. I've come across information that in some countries, funds can be kept on the card for up to 90 days, but I haven't...

Changing the default wallet for Deel Card withdrawals

Is it possible to change what currency this defaults to? I assumed the USD card would default to USD wallet and accidentally sent it to my unused JPY wallet (from a past contract). Can't find the proper setting for it.

Screenshot 2024-01-11 at 8.34.43 AM.png
robin by Explorer
  • 4 replies

Deel Card

Hi Team,Q1. By when we can have the deel physical and virtual cards in India?Q2. Is it possible to keep money in the deel wallet or should we withdraw every month?Q3. What If I'm moving after 6 months in the USA, can we get the deel card there? Thank...

shubh by Weekender
  • 1 replies

La Tarjeta Virtual de Deel ya está disponible para Ecuador

  En el vertiginoso mundo del trabajo remoto, Deel continúa liderando la revolución facilitando no solo la gestión de contratos internacionales, sino también brindando soluciones financieras avanzadas. Desde el 27 de noviembre, una emocionante actual...

Deel Virtual Card Ecuador.jpg
MarAntBQ by Explorer
  • 1 replies

Worst Customer Service

If you ever run into problems with Deel, I'd suggest not bothering with their support team. Honestly, they don't seem very friendly when it comes to listening to your questions or concerns. In fact, they're more likely to start a ticket and then neve...

hxnry by Weekender
  • 6 replies

AWS Payment support? Deel Card

Hello all, i tried to pay my AWS Services personal account using my Deel Card (Singapore country issue) I added as a payment method without any problem but when I tried to pay the payment was rejected.Is not a valid merchants? rare about that, if not...

Resolved! Deel Card Fund without Deel balance?

Hello,I am not getting paid in Deel anymore but I am using Deel card on multiple places. How can I add funds in my Deel/Deel card to keep using my deel card.A. Any way to add funds in my deel without any employeer?B. Any way to add funds directly in ...

How to buy flights with deel virtual card?

Hi! I'm struggling to buy airline tickets with the deel virtual card. Last 2 failed attempts were on American Airlines and IberiaI'm an argentinian with a Singapore card (deel) Mastercard and argentinian billing address.The outcome usually is that I'...

i need support on issuing an online deel card

hi! i am using deel from colombia and i would like to issue an online card, problem is, when i am going to verify the information at the end of the prompts it says "error: prefered name must be maximum 20 characters". my prefered name is less than 20...

planet by Weekender
  • 4 replies

Deel virtual cards

Hi, is the virtual cards not available for all countries? And if so how can I apply for one?

EURZUA by Weekender
  • 1 replies

Suggestion for Deel: Guatemala User, someone else here?

Just a suggestion to add support from banks of Guatemala Country (Banco Industrial, BAC, Banrural, Etc), I live here and would be very helpfull and more efficient to have the Instant Card Transfers for my country and also to be able to request a Deel...

jmanzo98 by Weekender
  • 2 replies

Suggestion: Deel should offer APY on the Deel Card balance

On a financial system where now even the smallest banks started to offer decent-ish APYs for stale balance (up to %4.9), Deel should probably have an offering like this since even though I'd like to use Deel Card I don't want to let my balance crushe...

batuhan by Weekender
  • 1 replies

Resolved! AIRBNB Reservation cancelation

I recently purchased an apartment accommodation via Airbnb with the Deel card. Due to a personal problems, we need to cancel the reservation, I would like to know if once the purchase has been cancelled, the money is available again on the Deel card....