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How to buy flights with deel virtual card?

Weekender II

Hi! I'm struggling to buy airline tickets with the deel virtual card. Last 2 failed attempts were on American Airlines and Iberia

I'm an argentinian with a Singapore card (deel) Mastercard and argentinian billing address.

The outcome usually is that I'm buying on a incorrect country site or the card is rejected.

How you are solving this?





Hi @Alejandro83

We're sorry to hear that you were experiencing troubles with purchasing your plane tickets. Thanks for your patience while we look into this a bit more. Based on what we can see so far, it doesn't look like there were any transaction attempts on the card, so it could be something with the payments processor of the airline.

Our team is looking into this now, so we'll circle back when we have some more details to share. If you could provide some additional details, it would help expedite our inquiry: 

  • When did you try purchasing tickets
  • Can you confirm the airlines and the website you tried to purchase from
  • What was the average value you were trying to purchase? 

Thanks so much for your patience while we dig into this,  

Hi, I contacted you about Iberia vía chat, the other is

Currently looking not for an isolated solution but instruction to use the card on this kind of sites, it would be great to have tutorials about how to enter card details + billing on normally used digital transaction sites like:





Ryanair, Vueling, KLM, AA, air France, etc

I think that something like this will greatly help the community.


Hi @Alejandro83 

I'm still waiting to hear back about why the card wasn't working for you when you tried to make the purchase to Iberia and In the meantime, I think your suggestion for adding additional tutorials on making transactions with the Deel Card is a great one. I've passed the feedback along to our internal documentation team. 

Thanks so much, and hope you have a great weekend ahead! 

I chat with support and the transaction didn't get to you, is was blocked by the airline, so, I think I'm doing something wrong with the details I'm using in the purchase.


Hi Alejandro!
Try using a VPN and IP from Singapore. If there's not even an attempt of paying, it's surely that they're seeing that you have an Argentinian IP and for security reasons, the transaction is blocked immediately. Please let me know if you were successful! PS: Could you tell me how you got your Singapore Deel card?

Is not a Singapore Deel card, just Deel emits cards on Singapore, I didn't get to chose 😛