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How to connect Deel with Grabrfi card as withdrawal method


I want to trasnfer funds from my Deel account to Grabrfi account debit card to use USD for payments. I want to use ACH transfer as I have a US account open with Grabrfi, so when I select US as country to activate ACH transfer, the billing address fields are driving me to US addresses, not international ones.

How are you handling this to include a billing address outside US if you are not living there? 

Thanks in advance!


Deel Team

Hi @Naty ,


Let me check on this for you. Please give me some time to find out what the process would be. Thanks!


Deel Team

Heya @Naty 

I got feedback that you should be able to use your bank's US address to use the ACH withdrawal. This is the only workaround, since when adding a US-based bank, the system automatically requests for a US address. I hope this solves your issue. 🙂 
I'd be happy to see if there's anything else I can help you on this. You can check out our help articles or file a support ticket. 

Enjoy the rest of your day!

Weekender II

Hello! Another option is I opened my US account in seconds from Mexico and I transfer directly from Deel to my US account