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Suggestion for Deel: Guatemala User, someone else here?


Just a suggestion to add support from banks of Guatemala Country (Banco Industrial, BAC, Banrural, Etc), I live here and would be very helpfull and more efficient to have the Instant Card Transfers for my country and also to be able to request a Deel Card to make the platform more confortable.

Como sugerencia agregar soporte a bancos de Guatemala (Banco Industrial, BAC, Banrural, etc), yo vivo aquí y trabajo aquí remotamente y sería de mucha ayuda y más eficiente tener la opcion de agregar una Instant Card Transfer para mi pais y tambien poder aplicar a una Deel Card fisica o virtual, sería mucho más cómodo.

PD: ¿Hay alguien más de Guatemala utilizando Deel?



Hi @jmanzo98,

Thanks so much for sharing this feedback around Deel Card and Instant Card Transfers! Our team continues to work closely with our providers to expand the countries these features become available in, so we'll be sure to pass this recommendation along. In the meantime, you can check in on this Deel Card help center page, which shares the available countries Deel Card is in today, and this article to see availability for Instant Card Transfers. Additionally, you can subscribe to this Community post, where we'll share updates on new countries Deel Card expands into. 

We'll update the Deel Community when new products and updates are released, so be sure to also check out and subscribe to the Latest From Deel section! 

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Hello @jmanzo98 

I live in Mexico, and I tried the instant card transfer, it took 2 business days, so is not that "instant", unfortunately US banking is very slow compared to other countries. In parallel, I did an ACH transfer and the cash arrived 8 hours later to other account, then transfered to my Mexican bank account and it took like 5 seconds to arrive, it is considerably faster on other platforms.