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Third party transfer

Weekender II

Am I no longer allowed to transfer money to a third party? I always used to do this but I now have that account deleted from my deel account and I can no longer add a third party’s bank account details. 



First, Binance. Now, this. Deel is getting worse every month. Will probably switch soon to a better provider.

Deel Team

Hi @DZaher ,

Let me open up a support request for you. Looks like it may be an issue on the bank details or provider. Deel supports most banks except a select view on an exemption list. These banks have internal or external factors that prevent Deel from being able to support them. Any other bank is supported through direct transfer, SWIFT, or ACH. Please let me know if you receive the ticket notification so I can support you on this. 


Hey Daryl, 


thanks for your reply. 

I’m not sure why it would suddenly not work with the same bank. I’ve been transferring money to that account for months with no problem but now deel erased that account and I can’t add it. The error doesn’t mention the bank it says that it must match my name. 

The screenshot it attached 


Same issue here. All my bank transfer methods were deleted all of a sudden and Deel doesn't allow to transfer to a third party anymore.


Hi @ashatou@Dm and @DZaher

I hope that you're having a great weekend so far, and thanks so much for your patience while I retrieved more information from our internal teams. 

Regarding your question around third party transfers, withdrawal methods to third party beneficiaries such as pensions, investments, and benefits administrators were disabled in early February due to restrictions imposed by our banking partner, which are entirely beyond our control.

Although third-party private or business accounts will no longer be supported, For Further Credit (FFC) business accounts will continue to be supported, so long as contractors submit one of the following documents:

  • Statement from the account held with the FFC institution
  • Confirmation letter from the FFC institution

There are specific requirements for FFC accounts, so I do recommend reviewing this article on FFC, and the frequently asked questions as well. 

If you have any questions on this, or need any further assistance or clarification from our team on next steps, I'm happy to connect you with a member of our Support team, or you can reach out to them via this form, or 24/7 live chat through your Deel account.  

Thanks so much,