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Withdraw issue

Weekender II

Hello everyone. I made a withdrawal since Dec 21, 2023. Until today I have not yet received the money in my bank account. I would like to know if Swift bank transfer withdrawals take how long with DEEL. You should know that for the withdrawal method I only used my account number and the Swift code. Is this enough for me to receive the money? Also the withdrawal is complete on the Deel website according to tracking. Thank you for answering me.




Hi Geraud @Fatima1

Thanks for reaching out and for sharing about your withdrawal experience. Typically, the withdrawal tracker may have a variance of only a few days, so it's quite unusual that your payment would have been delayed this long. I took a look with our Support team, and it does appear that they are currently working with you towards a resolution. Thanks so much for your patience! 

For references, since others may also have a question around how long withdrawal takes through Deel in the future, you can check out this article on estimated times and dynamic ETA, and there's this reference article on how SWIFT transfers work more generally. 


Weekender II

Subject: Deel Withdrawal Issue

Hi all, 


I am writing to you today to report an issue I am experiencing with a withdrawal I made on Deel on December 21, 2023.


The withdrawal was successfully processed, and I received a confirmation email from Deel. However, the withdrawal amount has not yet been credited to my bank account.


I contacted Deel customer support on January 2, 2024, and I received a message from the payments team. The payments team informed me that Deel is attempting to recall the payment through the SWIFT network, but that this process can take some time.


I understand that the recall process can take several business days, but I am concerned that I have not yet received the withdrawal amount. I am currently located in Gambia, and I am concerned that the recall process may be taking longer due to the time difference.


I would be grateful if you could keep me updated on the status of the situation.



Deel Team

Hi @Fatima1 

Just checked and there's a recent note that you've been refunded. Can you confirm if that's the case? If not, I can push the support team on this issue. 🙂


Weekender II

Thanks for your differents helps. The problem is solved