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Deel Team

While some might just need a laptop and chair to tackle their projects and tasks effectively, many will appreciate the comfort of a well-planned working setup in their home. 

The home-office basics

Before diving into ambiance design and optional luxuries, it's fundamental to ensure the backbone of your workspace (and yours) is taken care of.

Make sure you have:

  • An ergonomic chair
  • A monitor or laptop stand you can raise to eye-level
  • A keyboard and mouse
  • Good lighting and air circulation

These are the bare essentials, but you can find more suggestions from the Deel team in this post.

Making the most of your available space

Not everyone has a dedicated room or readily available space to set up a home-office, and an ergonomic chair and second monitor might not fit perfectly on the kitchen table.

Discover some great tips to set up your workspace in tiny homes in this post.

Choose the right sound

The right sound can make a massive impact on our mood, focus, and productivity.

This can be especially true in your home, where unexpected and distracting noises may be more common than in the office. 

Discover a list of musical genres that may work for you in this post, including playlists for you to explore.

Creating boundaries

While this might not be relevant to those of us living alone, anyone who lives with family, a partner, children, or housemates, will benefit from the boundary-setting tips listed in this post.