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Sao Paulo

Weekender II

Hello there! I'm Daniel, and I live pretty close to Sao Paulo (the capital).

I was wondering how many of us here are actually residing in the vicinity. Depending on how many of us are willing to meet up in SP we could arrange something.

I live in the countryside but am more than willing to participate.




Deel Team

Hi @danielmendes, I'm Daryl, Community Manager for APAC. I don't oversee LATAM but we are holding meetups there and you should see updates on our meetups page. 🙂 I'd love to find out if we can collaborate on doing meetups there though. If you have some ideas I'd love to hop on a call to hear them out and maybe we can collaborate with the Deel LATAM team on making it happen. Let me know!

Deel Team

Hi @danielmendes ! Nice meeting you! 

I am Lala and I am originally from São Paulo, but have been living the digital nomad lifestyle for some months now. I am sure we have lots of people in São Paulo as it is one of the most populated cities in the country.

Are there more remote workers in the city you live in? What are your favorite places to work from?

Hi Lala.
I mainly work from home because I live in a small city in the countryside of Sao Paulo. I am pretty sure there are more remote workers where I live, but not sure who they are. I'll investigate and try to put a get-together party on.

I love it! Let us know how it goes 😃 


Hi everybody!

I live in Sao Paulo center area, and as a Voice-Over artist, I kinda work from everywhere with good acoustics 😅

I've seen there'll be a meeting in the Itaim district soon. Hope to meet you guys there!


Hey, Daniel! This is Mariana (Bertolotti), who worked with you at Mindset. Cool to see you around here and trying to get other remote folks together 👋

Weekender II

Hi Mariana!!! 
What an amazing professional you are!!! Great to see you here as well!
Wishing you the best, always!!

Hi @danielmendes @marianaaguiar 👋

So cool to see that you two know each other and have previously worked together! Given Daniel's interest in getting some folks together for a meetup, I wanted to share that we do have a virtual meetup scheduled for folks in Brazil. We're eager to do a in-person meetup soon, but we hope you'll be able to join us for the upcoming holiday one! You can register here (Mariana I saw that you already did and we can't wait to meet you!). 


I live in Maceió so a virtual meetup will be awesome! I’m looking forward to attending this event.

Hi Evandson @thiagoflins, 
We can't wait to meet you at the virtual event! So cool that you live in Maceió – the crystal clear waters of Ponta Verde beach and Mundaú lake look absolutely stunning! Looking forward to seeing you there,