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In this Community Spotlight series, we're excited to introduce you to one of our longest Deel Community members, @robin , who is based in Manila, Philippines!

Robin has a wide range of interests that spans from the highly technical to the simple and clean. He’s currently working as a backend developer for a Japanese company but recently started diving into the UI and UX side of things. He’s been using Deel for the last 3 years to enable him to work from home and work remotely. Deel Card has been especially useful for when he travels to Japan, as it lets him take advantage of the excellent exchange rate and get his funds quickly and easily.

On his off-days, Robin keeps his artistic side well stimulated. He’s invested in a vinyl collection and top tier sound system that was hand restored. He also loves to take photos on digital and film, and has even been featured in a Youtube video for it. Currently, he’s trying to master his latte art skills and cookie baking with his girlfriend. He doesn’t let his health go to waste though as he’s taken up cycling during the pandemic and is now training to do a marathon.

Robin’s true love lies not with his physical belongings but with his cats that he and his girlfriend cares for. Negi, Nameko, and Ninjin, are three adorable “puspins” (Pusang Pinoy or Filipino Cats) that have made their home in Robin’s heart and apartment. These three go on cycling trips, walks, joins in on board game night, and all sorts of adventures with Robin and his partner, making sure to get into trouble each time. 

Robin is in the community to meet other people who are in the remote working space and looking to find that balance of work and life. He’s also happy to talk about his cats, photography, or any other common interests you have. Feel free to drop any questions you have for him in the comments below!

Lightning Questions 

What is your favorite morning beverage to start your day?

Well, I am trying to refine my coffee latte art. I try to get at least one coffee in and I can get pretty cranky without it. Recently, I’ve been trying out oatmilk lattes more and I am liking it a lot. 

📚 Last book you read or listened to?

I actually posted a thread here recently about asking for reading suggestions. I’m currently reading Rhythm of War by Brandon Sanderson. Just finished the dog and the dragon chapter. It’s pretty riveting and I encourage you to give it a read.

🏡 What’s your ideal workspace? Home, co-working space, or coffee shop?

On my trip last year to Japan, I really enjoyed working out of a coworking/coliving space called Unknown Kyoto. It had a great modern-meets-traditional Japanese aesthetic. It was also away from a lot of the main roads making it very peaceful. When not traveling, I prefer my home office. The cats will usually end up on my lap but It’s definitely part of the charm of work from home life.

🌊🏔 Do you prefer Seaside or mountainside?

I’m a seaside guy. I love watching the sunsets. Can’t beat sitting on the beach, listening to crashing waves while watching the sun set over the horizon. 

📸 Nameko, Negi, and Ninjin!







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