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In our latest Spotlight series, we're thrilled to introduce you to Saswat Sahu @saas, a community member based in the beautiful country of Mexico 🇲🇽

Saswat started his career as a strategy consultant working across various countries including Asia, the UK, the Middle East, and the States, but he soon found himself craving more than the conventional 9-5 routine. The allure of startups and venture projects beckoned, leading him to immerse himself in various accelerator programs across the globe. Ultimately, his passion in venture capital led him to the world of academia, where he now shares his knowledge and experience as a university professor specializing in entrepreneurship, venture capital and startups. Saswat leverages Deel to power his career, which grants him the freedom to travel and independence in managing or accessing his payments with ease. 

Outside of work, Saswat is a man of many interests. From hosting podcasts to practicing meditation and seeking personal growth, he thrives on connecting with people and exploring diverse ideas. When he's not interviewing guest speakers or delving into his vast collection of books, you might find him lacing up his running shoes to go for a mind-clearing run, hiking a challenging mountain, or enjoying a mindful moment over a cup of green tea. 

With the flexibility of working remotely, Saswat can fulfill one of his biggest passions: traveling. For Saswat, adventuring to new countries isn’t about ticking off destinations, but about delving into the essence and culture of each new place. From the warm beaches of Tulum to the bustling streets of Jerusalem, every journey is an opportunity to uncover new experiences and learn more about the depths of oneself. 

If you’re interested in hearing more about the places Saswat has explored, or want to have a conversation about blockchains, DAO, or venture capital, leave a comment for him below! For more details on his DAO podcast, check out Republic of Ocean. To hear more about Venture Capital and Startups, listen in on Republic of SaaS

Lightning Questions 

🍵 What is your favorite morning beverage to start your day?
I’ve been drinking green tea for the last 10-15 years. It helps to boost your metabolism, so I love green tea to start the day. 

📚 Last book you read or listened to?

I’m currently reading a Mexican novel about the history of tortillas how to make them, and how the organic ingredients in tortillas made in Monterrey, Mexico can help increase your life span. 

🏡 What’s your ideal workspace? Home, co-working space, or coffee shop?

I prefer co-working spaces because it's a place where you can meet other work professionals and network.

🌊🏔 Do you prefer mountains or the sea?