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Deel Team

Digital Nomad Visa:

Digital Nomad Visas are Passive Income Visas granted for those who are able to prove that they have enough and independent income from outside Spain and they can remotely work for their employer from Spain.


  • The applicant should be either a:
    • Remote employee of a company outside of the Spanish territory
    • Employee of a foreign company located in Spain
    • Digital entrepreneur
  • The applicant should have graduated from a prestigious university (with a university degree or relevant training), or have at least 3 years of experience in the relevant field of work.
  • Applicant’s salary* should be min EUR 2400 (200% of the minimum wage in Spain) + EUR 900 for adding a dependent (75% of the minimum wage in Spain) + EUR 300 per additional dependent (25% of the minimum wage in Spain)

*monthly salary for the last 3 months

Processing time 

2 to 4 months on average*

*delays are expected as procedures for this new visa type are not well established yet

Important information

  • Visa valid for 3 years
  • Can only be requested in Spain
  • The candidate must be regular in Spain, as a visitor, to apply for it
  • The worker cannot be issued a local contract based on this visa.


Step by step process

Step 1: Initial Assessment (2-5 working days)

The Global Mobility team performs a full eligibility assessment once all documents are received.

Step 2: Preparing the Application (4-8 weeks)

The Global Mobility team gathers the personal documents from the employee and prepares them in case specific processes are required (legalization, apostille and translations).

Step 3: Submit Application for Processing (2-3 working days)

The application is submitted to Spanish authorities.

Step 4: Processing by Authorities (20 working days)

This timeline can be expanded by authorities without any previous warnings. Authorities can also require further documents/information on their own discretion.

Step 5: Residence Card appointment (1-4 weeks)

Depending on the authority’s availability.

Step 6: Residence Card issuance (3 - 6 weeks)

Depending on authorities' availability. 


Documents required

1. Valid passport

2. Proof of employment relationship with the foreign company (a contract must be provided)

3. Proof of at least 3 months of employment relationship with the employing company in a contract of at least 1 year

4. At least 3 last payslips

5. Official bank statement from the last three months

6. Any other proof of economic means

7. Authorization from the employer to carry out remote work

8. Proof that the work activity can be carried out entirely remotely

9. Diploma duly apostilled/legalized

10. CV demonstrating a minimum of three years of experience in the sector - authorities may request a document issued by the local Labour Authority (it can usually be requested via the government or social security websites)

11. Police Clearance Certificates (PCC) from all countries that the applicant has lived for the last 2 years, issued in the last 90 days, duly apostilled/legalized

12. Proof of health insurance with Spain coverage

Important Information

* All documents, if not in Spanish must be duly translated by a sworn translator recognized by Spain

Please note that Immigration Authorities may request additional documents or information at any stage of the application process


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