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About FIRC & banks in India!

Weekender II

Hiii Guys,

A few questions I wanted to ask from the last few months.

  • Do you prefer Local transfer or Swift International one? [ I usually prefer local transfer, I haven't done a converted transfer yet but I'm willing to try it soon.]
  • Which banks do you prefer? I couldn't really find much on internet about FIRC & stuff but I'd love to know if you know any banks that are hopefully better at providing FIRC quickly & conveniently from "deels generated NOC". ๐Ÿ™‚

I'd love to know if you have similar experiences or if you're currently doing contractual work from India & ofc the above two questions if you may. ๐Ÿ™‚


Why don't you instruct your IndusInd bank to issue FIRC instead of NOC, since IndusInd is the one who is directly receiving the USD amount?

Ok. I tried this also and this method also did not send funds are INW in my account. So I don't know if I will get FIRC by this. 

Hi @nimahajan,

I had the same problem when I used SBI account. Even though I was using Swift transfer, money was landing in SBI as INR.

I then tried ICICI account and I got it credited to ICICI as USD and they did the conversion to INR and got FIRC without issue.

So please try ICICI or any other bank account and there are chances that you can get it working.



Hi @Lovely
I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your own experiences on the matter with other members of the Community!

Ok. I resolved my problem. For anyone who cares about FIRC, do below thing

When you add account for local transfer,  add the account with currency as USD

For all my past tries, I was using INR. Then money was getting deposited directly into my account through some Chase bank account in India or via IndusInd bank.

Then adding my current account as SWIFT with USD as currency has worked with my HDFC account. 


Hi Nimahajan,
Thanks for this post, 
just wanted to understand did you got FIRC for the payment that got credited as INR.

I did the error of adding SWIFT with INR and getting difficulty in getting FIRC.
Would appreciate your help.


hi @nimahajan this is so very helpful! I would also add USD as currency instead of INR while doing the SWIFT transfer. How did you get the FIRC after that?


when selecting SWIFT in the Deel app for ICICI bank, what currency do you select, USD or INR?

Also, how many dollars were deducted from the total amount when it reached IDFC Bank?

Hi @Lovely , I did SWIFT transfer to my HDFC account and the money came via NEFT and the bank sending the money was not JP Morgan US branch but JP Morgan Mumbai branch. While adding the withdrawal method for SWIFT transfer, did you add the currency for USD instead of INR? I would love to have some clarity on this. Thank you!

yes, set currency as USD. Then it will come as INW and then you will also get a FIRC on email automatically. 

Hi @AnneshaM Yes I selected the currency as USD.

Hi @Lovely , what type bank account you have like savings or current and what exchange rate you are getting in ICICI bank for SWIFT USD payments?


Did you try SWIFT through Deel and did it work? or did you do SWIFT directly?

Weekender II


I didn't select the NOC option while choosing my withdrawal method. (I'm not sure if the option even existed last year.) Any way to fix that & get NOC for previous transactions? I really need those for FIRC.