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Deel Team

Welcome to Deel! 🎉

First off, a big "Hello!" from us at Deel. We're excited to get you all set up.

For contractors like you, using Deel means doing your work, getting paid, and keeping track of everything is about to get a whole lot easier. With Deel, you can seamlessly keep track of every critical compliance document, auto-generate invoices, withdraw your pay in any currency, plus much more. Here is a quick video overview.

We’re excited to get you on board and can’t wait to make doing your best work even easier. This is your central Community hub for all the resources you need to get started with Deel. 

Get the most out of the Deel Community

Before diving in, make sure you get the most out of these resources by creating your Community account. Click the top right button to login with your Deel credentials, and set your username. You can find more details on how to best leverage the Community platform here

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Getting started as a contractor


Ready to learn how to use Deel? Check out our onboarding videos below! We cover the most important features in Deel for new contractors including:

If you have any further questions, do no hesitate to ask a question on this community board.

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