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Favorite places to explore? - share your best destination & pics!


There are so many benefits to being able to work at a remote first company, and being connected with colleagues from around the world. One of my favorite (albeit selfishly) things about working for a company that’s globally distributed is the access to free #holidayinspo! Everyone’s unique trip to another town, city or country is a great way to jumpstart the planning of your own future trip. 

As @Gabriele mentioned in this previous post, it’s important to take advantage of time off not only to give yourself a break from hard work, but to care for your mental health, and give you creative space to come back to work feeling refreshed. 

So whether you’re planning a relaxing long weekend or a local holiday (I love exploring my local museums or historic libraries!), or you’re going away for an extended period of time, partially working or fully off the grid, we’d love to see pictures of your vacation experiences! 

Yosemite mountains in the background, and a beautiful meandering stream.Yosemite mountains in the background, and a beautiful meandering stream.

This year, I took a short holiday (working and traveling) to Yosemite, California! If you’re someone that enjoys hiking, nature, and slightly too warm temperatures, this is a must visit National Park. 

Can’t wait to see photos of cool adventures folks in our Community have been on so far. If you have a trip planned for later this year or next, be sure to come back and share your experience with us!


Deel Team

I don't end up taking many photos when I go somewhere, so this one from a weekend trip to Bruxelles will have to do for now...

WhatsApp Image 2023-08-24 at 12.16.05.jpeg

This is a section of the impressive collection of 19th-century cannons outside of the Museum of Military History. The location of the museum is the lovely Parc du Cinquantenaire, a great place to hang out in on a warm and sunny day, whether you like antique cannons or not. 😆

Deel Team

This year I had the chance to visit Paso Robles, California, USA🇺🇸, and San Pedro, Belize🇧🇿.

Paso Robles, CaliforniaPaso Robles, California

One has world-class wines🍷

San Pedro, BelizeSan Pedro, Belize

One has vibrant coral reefs🪸.

Both have beautiful scenery🌅.

Talking about wine, did you know that Martinique produces the only AOC-label rum so far? And it's well worth a taste .. Would you consider a rum tourTrois-Rivières Brand.jpg?

Who would turn down a rum tour?? Especially if the view is of Martinique! What are some other tours you'd recommend for folks looking to explore there?

As for rum tours, there are some 12 distilleries and Martinique is some 50X21 miles. Would you like a rum tour, for you and some Deel members? I can arrange that engaging rum shelfan engaging rum shelfa distillery on the Eastern coasta distillery on the Eastern coast

Talking about other tours, Cassyl, I would love you and 3-4 companionable Deel members to join me on my "Martinique in the Caribbean🏝️ An Endless Quest for Love, Immersive Trip in the Deep South", an inclusive trip November 17- November 23. It will be🎉What do you think?exploreexplore

Deel Team

Nothing but the sound of water, and the cold breeze down my neck. Happiest I've ever been.
Uzungöl şelale, Trabzon, TürkiyeUzungöl şelale, Trabzon, Türkiye

What a fantastic photo, @AhmedElBanna! The misty hills in the background just makes it so calm and perfect! Thank you so much for sharing 😍

Deel Team

My most memorable vacation so far is my recent trip to Japan where deer tried to eat me and they had a fire festival in a wooden building that did not end in tragedy. I love this country.


Wait a second... you can't just tease the fact a deer tried to eat you and not add any details.

Seconds after disasterSeconds after disaster

That's better 😂

Deer in Nara are violent hahaha

Deel Team

I've been to Greece a bunch of times, but this country will never cease to amaze me. This summer, I spent two weeks in Crete. Sharing a few pics below. We had such a wonderful time.

Agia PelagiaAgia PelagiaRethimnoRethimnoWorkation :)Workation 🙂Sunrise at 6amSunrise at 6am

For a star to be born, there is one thing that must happen: a gaseous nebula must collapse. So collapse. Crumble. This is not your destruction. This is your birth.

What a beautiful sunrise photo @StefanaZ 😍 I hear Crete is delightful and, from the pics you've captured, it looks to live up to the hype! Thanks so much for sharing your photos with the Deel Community, and giving us some fun #holidayinspo for everyones' future travel adventures ✈️


This year, I had the opportunity to explore North India for approximately three months while simultaneously working with a remote company. Here is a picture of me enjoying the stunning views at an altitude of 4800 meters.


Wow @skthon, thanks so much for sharing more about your fun adventures! Was this photo taken in the Himalayas perchance? What a breathtaking sight (perhaps literally and figuratively at that altitude lol)! Its so inspiring to see where our Community members have explored while taking their work remotely 🗺 🌏




Feeling truly blessed to be part of the Deel family, where the work-from-home setup isn't just a convenience but a game-changer. This incredible flexibility has allowed me to embark on a journey to Leh, soaking in the mesmerizing landscapes while staying seamlessly connected to my work. It's a testament to how remote work, powered by Deel, has redefined the way we approach our professional lives. Gratitude and joy fill my heart as I navigate both my career and my adventures. Also not to forget small trips like pondi and local bangalore





#DeelMagic #RemoteWorkJoy #LehDiaries



What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas


Deel Team


kedarnath trekking must do list 





  Mayur Dubai diaries Oct'23

Wow this is epic @mayurgawade!! @MashaS you didn't tell me that I could skydive in Dubai with a view like this 😍 I'd love to experience Dubai one day in my life. Thanks so much for sharing, Mayur!

Weekender II


Would not mind lounging around with a view like this, @vishwaovi! This is so neat! 





That's cool! I live in Merced which is the Gateway to Yosemite. I just went on a fun family vacation to San Diego to visit Legoland with the nephew.

What about you guys?

Hey @KenWhiskey, so cool that you lived in Merced! Yosemite was absolutely stunning – I can't imagine living so close to it and being able to take in all those breathtaking views every day 🏔

I didn't know there was a Legoland in San Diego but every time I'm in SD, I never want to leave. I am a sucker for all coffee things in La Jolla, and the San Diego Zoo was one of the coolest places (not usually a fan of zoos but I feel like they have really good educational programming). 

Aside from having (i assume) the best time in Legoland, what's another one of your favorite places you've traveled to? 

To be 100% honest, I've traveled the deserts of Nevada. Almost ran out of gas in 100+ degree weather with no cellphone signal! But fate, as we have it, brought us back to civilization and we were able to get gas for our Dodge Charger.

I've also traveled to Odesa and Nikolaev. Odesa is a beautiful city by the sea. Nikolaev is a smaller city by the river. Both have rich history. Nikolaev was once a navy shipyard.

The first thing I notice about a new country is the SMELL.

There are many beautiful cities in Ukraine and Russia such as Kiev, Kherson, Moscow, Arkangel, Saint Petersburg, Murmansk, Sochi, Khabarovsk, and Vladivostok.

It's hard to pin it to one place. I would say I love the people there and can only pray and wish for peace among these two great countries.




Deel Team

Well, I see this thread is still going, so here are some pics from a recent trip through Italy... WhatsApp Image 2023-12-05 at 11.42.54 (9).jpegWhatsApp Image 2023-12-05 at 11.42.54 (8).jpegWhatsApp Image 2023-12-05 at 11.42.54 (6).jpegWhatsApp Image 2023-12-05 at 11.42.54 (4).jpegWhatsApp Image 2023-12-05 at 11.42.54 (3).jpegWhatsApp Image 2023-12-05 at 11.42.54 (1).jpegWhatsApp Image 2023-12-05 at 11.42.54.jpeg