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Delayed Payment


I have been getting my payment on time through Deel for the past three months. This time around when I submitted my monthly hours report, my client approved my money but Deel indicates that the payment is delayed. My client said the money was sent but it still shows as delayed. This is my first delayed payment on Deel.

What are my options here? 

  1. How can i reach out to a someone to assits,
  2. Can i still submit worked hours, will it affect previous unpaid hours?
  3. My my client be refunded in they have already made payment, and or will they have to make a new payment.


Hi @kennykayz

Thanks for joining the Community and for sharing about this experience with us, though we are sorry to hear about the inconvenience. If in your Withdrawal Tracker, you see that the estimated funds should appear at a date that has passed, we encourage you to reach out to our team. For future reference, you can do so here. 

In this instance, since we are awaiting your Client funds but they mentioned having sent the funds to you, I went ahead and reached out to our Support team. I have also cc'd your email, so please be on the lookout for their response in your inbox. 

You should still be able to submit your hours worked without it impacting your previous transactions. 

Regarding a client refund, our Support team will be better equipped to answer that, as they'll have visibility into whether the Client has submitted the payment and when that transaction was made. 

Thanks so much and hope this points you in the right direction,