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Work as a contractor for a Candian company


I am planning to work as a contractor for a Canadian based company. How would Deel help me here and what is the cost involved monthly/yearly and what are the benefits to use Deel to raise invoices instead of registering my own entity in India?



Hi @Shaik

Welcome to the Deel Community 👋 We're excited to hear that you're planning on joining a Canadian company as a Contractor! 

Deel simplifies the process of working and getting paid, and offers a suite of tools that allows our contractors to keep track of every critical compliance document and auto-generate invoices, making the administrative side of contracting work much easier. Additionally, with Deel, contractors can withdraw their pay in any currency, or request an advance on their salary, providing more financial flexibility.

As for the benefits of using Deel for invoices vs. registering your own entity in India...ultimately the decision is whatever is best for each individual! By using Deel, the invoice process is made easier for Contractors, and Deel ensures compliance with local laws and regulations that better safeguard our users. 

For additional resources on the Contractor experience, feel free to take a look here. Also, if you haven't already, you might be interested in joining the India Regional Group Hub to connect with other Contractors! 

Hope this helps to point you in the right direction!