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More than one week wainting my Payment


I have never had a single problem with Deel until now. I recently changed bank accounts and now I've been waiting for the money for over a week. Imagine the scenario: you need to pay your bills, you work hard all month to not receive money. This isn't normal, right?

So Deel informs that my client's money arrived on the platform on May 29th, and I chose to automatically come to my bank account, in the other bank, the money appeared in my account a day later, but I understand that due to the holiday, it could appear on April 2nd, but nothing so far. I have already contacted Deel and my bank twice, but nothing has been resolved. My case is still open with the Deel customer service representative and I am waiting for a response from the provider who is late.

Of course I'm worried and impatient, I need the money and no one knows where it is. Obviously it is not Deel that will pay the taxes due to my late payment, I am super disappointed.



As no one responded to me, I will count my days waiting for my payment and Deel's response:

Days waiting for my money: 12 days
Days waiting for a response from Deel regarding my case: 8 days
Days since last contact with Deel: 3 days

Remembering that they asked me to wait 1 business day to get a response.

Hi Julia @jukawayumi

Thank you for being a valued customer of Deel, and for sharing your experience with this Worker community. While we're glad to hear that you historically have not had issues with Deel, we are certainly disappointed about this latest experience, and we are eager to provide a swift resolution for you. 
I took a look through your account, and see that we sent an update on Wednesday regarding awaiting our provider's response. Additionally, I see that our internal teams are actively working on resolving this. In the mean time, I've escalate the issue and brought it to our the teams attention. They'll continue being the best resource to get your questions resolved as quickly as possible. 
Thanks again for your continued patience on the matter.