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No withdrawals methods are available

Hello!I've got the monthly payment on March 29 2024 and found that there is no available methods to withdrawal money to Russia at all.. I used transfer to bank and last time  it worked at the beginning of the March 2024. No messages, no notifications...

MariyaS by Weekender II
  • 48 replies

Payment Concern from non-Deel clients

Hello. Hello.When you are sending an invoice to a non-Deel client, then the payment processing is handled outside Deel, am I correct? I am the one who should provide the client with a way to pay my invoice, right?If yes, and besides PayPal and Stripe...

Yahya369 by Weekender
  • 1 replies

EOR using deel in Argentina

Does anyone know if a company hires me using an EOR with Deel, how do I get the payment? My concern is about the exchange type, in Argentina the USD official rate is 50% of the real market price.

Crypto withdrawal

Hi, is there any new method withdrawing money to a crypto wallet or any crypto platform for non us/eu person ? (except coinbase)

Yass by Weekender II
  • 18 replies

Withdrawal Option

Please i will like to know if i can be able to withdraw my funds into my dads bank account from my deels account 

Resolved! Withdrawal fees

I entered my Deel account to do my usual withdrawal to my own personal Bank account, and i was surprised to see now I'm being charged $5 fee for the same withdrawals methods that were free. This is unfair since we don't have an alternative if we are ...

Facka by Weekender
  • 8 replies

Mx-withdrawal method

Hello. I’m new at being a contractor and was hopping you could recommend the best withdrawal method for Mexico. Since the fees and conversion rates vary a lot. 

D_Glz by Weekender
  • 3 replies

Delayed payment

So for the past 4yrs using deel. And 1yr with my company using deel I encountered this problem. My client sent the pay 6th of january then as of this day it did not reflect on my account yet. So, the csr told me in the name of john tere informed me t...

Jhoanna by Weekender
  • 1 replies

Can I save my money on Deel like a bank account?

I would like to know if I can keep my money in deel, like a bank account. If I take my deel card, will I be able to leave all my money here and use it with my card? Because when the money arrives I get an message that I have to withdraw it in the nex...

Resolved! Best payment method for people in Perú

Hello everybody!My name is María! I'm from Venezuela and currently work in Perú for a US company as an Executive and Accounting Assistant.I need recommendations about payment methods or apps that work better with Deel.Right now i'm using PayPal and L...

MariaDlou by Weekender II
  • 3 replies

Resolved! Deel Withdrawal Method

Good day,Are there any changes happening with Deel lately? I know that the withdrawal ETA is 1-5 days but for more than a year with them, it doesn't take an hour before we receive the payment to our local banks. I'm not really saying it's delayed, bu...