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Why am I getting paid lower than expected ?


Hi Deel 

I couldn't see my payslip as of today but I calculated my salary and what I received is a lot lower. I wonder how's that possible when the salary is already locked in a fixed amount. I used an online calculator and even tried a few to confirm it. It doesn't make sense to me please help!



Hi Ang @debsmeme

Thanks for being a new member of the Deel Community!

I'm so sorry to hear that there was a discrepancy in your salary expectations.  Without knowing your specific salary details (which we discourage sharing in a public platform), it's hard to validate the payslip and why it might be different. For instance, there could be deductions based on social security contributions, income tax, EPF, etc.

To help get you more insight with an expert from our Support team, I've gone ahead and created a ticket for you. Our Support team is much better equipped to help guide on your account questions, or any other questions you might have regarding your specific personal account details. 

Thanks so much, and please let me know if you have any other questions I can help you with in the mean time. Have a great weekend,