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Withdrawing from deel to digital currency


The fee 2%+1 to withdrawing from deel to digital currency is crazy & too much. Is any way this can be a bit lower?



Hi @Kelele

Thanks so much for joining the Deel community and for sharing your perspective on the fees. Through Digital Currency Transfer via BVNK, contractors have the flexibility to use any non-sanctioned USDC or USDT wallet across various networks, including Ethereum (ERC20), TRON or Polygon, which enables you to withdraw to different providers. The fee for this is a 2% charge with a flat $1 network fee, whereas Coinbase holds a 1.5% to 1.6% with a $5 flat fee, so they have relatively similar costs since one offers a lower flat fee and the other is a percentage fee. With Deel's Digital Currency Transfer method, we are able to bring you options that offer the highest quality, speed, and security. 

I hope this helped add more detail to your question, but your feedback has also been passed along to our internal teams as well. 

Thanks so much,


@CassyL I am saying that is too much, it is just money transfer not a cargo shipping. This does not have to be a "got you" moment, we are goining to use this feature like every month, we do not i have to pay them like $50 every month for just money transfer.