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Deel Team

Wondering how to make the most of your remote work experience? 🏝💼

We've packed our July newsletter with tops and news to help you supercharge your digital nomad experience, check your inbox, if you missed it💌

In this issue we reveal the best contractor perks and discounts 💪 (accessible from your Deel profile), share a comprehensive digital nomad checklist for your next adventure , and dive into the benefits of taking regular breaks 🛋️ to boost productivity and well-being.

But that's not all! 🌍 We'll also introduce you to Canada's new H-1B Open Work Permit Program and Digital Nomad Visa, opening doors to stunning landscapes and endless opportunities. 🇨🇦

Plus, you'll have the chance to share your Deel story with our community and inspire others! 📣💚

Don't miss out on this July's exciting content, stay tuned for the upcoming August issue, and let us help you elevate your digital nomad lifestyle!