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How to choose an AirBnB when working remotely?

Weekender II

Hi Deel Community, 👋 @lala and I are friends that decided to work from wherever. If you haven't had the chance to read more about us yet, check out our intro post here, the travel guide to Itacaré (Brazil) here, and our must-haves to work on the go here.

Since we have been living "on the go" for almost a year, our friends usually ask us the main considerations we make when selecting accommodations. This will vary greatly depending on the lifestyle of each traveler, as everyone has different needs and preferences. Some of the things we always consider when choosing our Airbnb accommodations include our working preferences, the length of time we’ll stay in a home, and locations we love or want to explore. 


  • 🗓️ Length of stay

For us, the length of stay in a specific country is a primary factor to determine how we choose our lodging.It’s easier to adapt for shorter stays, and location may be more important than comfort, but for more extended periods of time, choosing the right place to stay becomes crucial.


  • 🏡Type of accommodation

Since we travel together and prefer to be in each other's company, we don't often consider staying in co-living accommodations, but companies like Airbnb offer various accommodation options, from shared spaces to entire homes.. If you plan to be out for most of the day, enjoy socializing, and like to feel fully immersed in a place’s culture, a shared stay might be perfect. However, if you work from home, need to concentrate, and want to discover things on your terms, you are more likely better off getting a place all to yourself.

Other things we consider for renting a entire home: 

  • 🍲 Kitchen: we love cooking our own meals, and it also helps to stay on a budget, so a kitchen is essential.
  • 🛜 Strong wifi: at least 30mbps. We usually ask the landlord to test it
  • 🧺 Washer: if it is not in the unit, we search for a self-service laundry place nearby.
  • 💰 Budget: we obviously have a budget for the accommodation, but we make it flexible depending on where we will stay. If we go over budget in a month, we try cheaper options to balance.


  • 💻 Work style and preferences

We prefer to work from home as we have many daily calls, which is an added reason why we prefer to rent the entire space. Knowing your working style and preferences impact whether you need strong wifi and a proper workspace, or if a 5G plan is enough to accommodate your work..


  • 🌍 Preferred locations: 

Choosing locations we love or really want to visit is probably the most important consideration we make when choosing where to go next. We personally love visiting cities that offer stunning beach views during the summer season.Our tip is to choose a location that is as close as possible to the city center, so you can cut costs on renting a car. 

Did you know Deel has several partnerships that you can benefit while traveling as a digital nomad? Check out the full list of perks accessible to you via Deel here.

What about you? What are your must-haves for accommodation?



Love this recap @marinaleme, super useful! I would personally add to that the fact that reviews definitely help me decide at the end as well, especially when I see accommodating and responsive hosts from past guests reviews. You need to feel comfortable in someones home and the host can make a big difference... At least it does for me when I pick also based on shared feedback... 🙂