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Client Payment Overdue

Hi all, I am getting a message from deel (OverDue) "We still need to receive money from your client". I ask from my client and they are saying they already submit the money to deel.what should i do now? 

Resolved! Partial payment recieved instead of full payment

Dear Deel, I received partial payment of $1,200 out of $1,725. My previous submitted working hours were for two invoices, one for $1,200 and another for $525. The remaining $525 is yet to be paid. Please help explain, did my client make full or payme...

Work as a contractor for a Candian company

I am planning to work as a contractor for a Canadian based company. How would Deel help me here and what is the cost involved monthly/yearly and what are the benefits to use Deel to raise invoices instead of registering my own entity in India?

Shaik by Weekender
  • 1 replies

Bulk Download of Salary Slips(Invoices)

I'm trying to download salary slips(Invoices) for the past six months, but it seems like we can only download them one at a time. This is a bit time-consuming and I was wondering why there isn't a way to download them in bulk.

Usman_ by Weekender
  • 1 replies