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Delayed payment


So for the past 4yrs using deel. And 1yr with my company using deel I encountered this problem. My client sent the pay 6th of january then as of this day it did not reflect on my account yet. So, the csr told me in the name of john tere informed me they have not received the payment yet and that i have to contact my client for that. So i checked with my client and she told me they were also messaging deel about the situation. They were given a time frame when it should reflect so we wait. Then I was informed to send the Proof of payment from my client to make sure they already paid and so that they can track the payment. So I did and this is full details. Btw, my client used US  bank debit account and is an RTP payment. This is the same mode of payment they have been using for the 1yr duration sending me my salary. After I sent the Pop they told me that they cannot disclose anything ro me about the status of the pay as it should be provided directly to the client. So whats the point of them asking me to send the POP? I am so frustrated that i have to tell that again to my client. You all know how busy people are. And when my client contacted them, Deel is just giving her a run around. Even she does not know what kind of proof you guys need as the money has taken out of the account already. I dunno if it would be better to reverse the payment or what but still no resolution at all. Where is the investigation that you are promising. This is really a pain as my client is also confused why did this happen as this has not happened even once before. I dunno if CsR can still resolve or who should I deal with this situation as my client is also puzzled. Please expedite.




Hi @Jhoanna

Thanks for joining the Deel Community, and for being a valued customer of Deel over the last 4 years!

I can certainly understand your frustration about the delayed payment. I see that you have already connected with our Support team, and that they've had several exchanges to action a resolution for you, pending a response from your client. Given that the information regarding your account and payments are rather sensitive and specific to you, I'd recommend that you continue to partner with your client and our Support team, who will be best suited to help you on this account specific matter. 

Thank you,