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No withdrawals methods are available

Weekender II


I've got the monthly payment on March 29 2024 and found that there is no available methods to withdrawal money to Russia at all.. I used transfer to bank and last time  it worked at the beginning of the March 2024. No messages, no notifications, no more methods, no idea what to do, except trying to create a bank  account in the other country. I'm really disappointed why there was no message from Deel about the problem, so we had no choice to transfer money using the other way. The money just stuck inside the platform and I don't understand what will happen with it after 30 days.



Have the same problem

Weekender II

Support says there's been an issue with JP Morgan which is their bank provider. They only offer to use non-Russian bank accounts (or other withdrawal methods that obviously do not work for us) and ask to wait as they are trying to resolve the issue (I hardly believe in that one)

Also, they do not provide any additional details regarding the ETAs or whether this issue is a permanent or temporary. Nothing

Sadly, they haven't even notified about the issue beforehand or even after it happened. So yeah - my money are also stuck with high level of uncertainty

UPD from Deel - Deel is closely monitoring the situation in Russia and Ukraine, and we are constantly reviewing our protocols given new developments. In the meantime: 

  • Deel is only be able to support payments in RUB for transactions within Russia
  • Withdrawals to banks outside of Russia are still supported.

@VictorSh What do you mean about payments in RUB and transactions within Russia?

No idea what that means. That was the official Deel support team's reply. But as far as I understand, they suspended (blocked) all transactions to RU accounts. The only option they can offer is to open non-RU account and withdraw money there. Or wait till they will resolve the issue which I do not believe. In other words, they screwed their clients

Hi Виктор @VictorSh

I'm sorry to hear about the inconvenience you've experienced with withdrawals options in Russia. Our teams are actively working on solutions for our workers, and when we have updates, we will provide clear instructions on the next steps. We understand how important this is to you, and we ask for your patience until we have more information to share broadly. 

Thank you, 


Hi @MariyaS and @iessenti

Thanks for your patience while I looked into more information from our teams. At the current moment, we're working hard on several solutions. When we have updates we will provide clear instructions via email, in-app banner, and we'll share updates to our community members as well. 

Thanks so much for your continued patience. We'll follow up with more details once our teams have updates to share. 


Hi @CassyL !
Pls provide any updates to the community what have been done by deel team to resolve this issue, what are you working on now and maybe any ETA available now?

Hi @myakushev

I've checked in with my team to confirm that we don't have any new updates to share as of yet. Although I don't have an ETA on when it will be available, our teams are working hard to provide alternatives for withdrawing your funds. I will absolutely come back with updates to the community as soon as I have more to share with you all. 

Thanks so much for your continued patience on this! I'll provide an update once I have more information. 


Is it possible that waiting for a solution is a wasting time?

Week has passed and no ETA appeared, money is trapped. Maybe do you have in mind alternative solution to this?


Weekender II

@VictorSh I've checked for some changes about withdrawals and found that now it's possible to add the bank transfer to Russia in RUB, but you have no options to move forward. Some time before the bank transfer to Russia was blocked at all.

Yeah, I noticed the possibility to add withdrawal method in RUB as well. However, one can't proceed to Step 2 ('Add billing address') - 'Next' button is just unavailable for some unknown reason. 
Anyway, even IF they fix this, this method is of no use to me 'cause my contract is in EUR


I was able to add RUB. But wondering whether it makes any sense. All my contracts use USD. Does deel offer any conversion? 


Same goes for me. My contract is in USD, added the RUB method as a self-employed person, same "Verifying" status for now. Let's see. 

Deel support told my colleagues that this option will be fully launched soon and they will inform about that. 

Weekender II

Not sure how this can work too. I thought, that if I can use different currencies to withdraw (there were USD and EUR some time ago) I should have different accounts for them in banks, for example who can provide the transfers from USA in USD. About a year I got payments using withdrawal in USD but got the money in RUB because of the autoconversion in the bank and no USD accounts available in it.

Well, you can not just receive payment in roubles if it is not in your contract. You need to modify your contract and notify bank about changes. 

Yes, but you don't need to do that for withdrawal. If you withdraw, for example, euros, and send them to ruble account, funds should be converted automatically by the bank at current exchange rate.

I've got experience with withdrawal EURO (my contract was in EURO) to USD bank account. Deel automatically converted euro to usd, but the exchange rate was no so good.

Weekender II

Hey guys,
That night, Deel verified the Bank transfer in RUB for me (as a self-employed person). Will try this option in the end of month. Interesting thing - it is mentioned in the Withdrawal method details - "Transfer type - local" 


My colleague sent $100 yesterday. Waiting for funds to appear in his account... 


How do you plan to "justify" these money for he bank (pass the exchange control)?
I mean if the contract is registered as USD/EUR, the bank does not expect RUR to be received.

Hey Renat, any info about how successful that attempt was?


Hey @CassyL 
There seems to be a hefty 4.8% USD-RUB exchange rate
Does it hard cap? Depends on the amount?

I got 6.2%. Official exchange rate of the Central Bank for today - 92,7463

100$ is 9274 RUB. (9274-8695)/9274 =  0.062

Hi Andrey @AndreyV thanks so much for sharing, and thanks Aleksandr @LexxanderDream, for providing your insight!

As far as I understand right now, there is no hard cap that influences the rate. Given the increased volatility, exchange rates are around 5% for every RUB exchange and transfer. I don't have more details into it other than that, but if you have additional questions on this, I am happy to connect you to a member of our Support team that can help you with your specific scenario, or offer more insight. 

Thank you so much for your patience while I looked into this further. 
Kind regards, 


Looks like Deel is going to extend business in Russia 🙂

Hi Renat @RenatK

To add a little more clarity on this, Clients will have the option to engage their contractors as employees who are paid locally through our Employer of Record (EOR) model as employees. This means that if a Client decides to bring their Contractor in as an employee, the article you cited above would apply. 

Per this Help Center article

"Companies can switch their contractors to EOR employees using Deel's EOR hiring model. Deel is offering $200 flat monthly EOR fees for employee onboarding dates before May 31."

Please let me know if you have any additional questions on this! I'm happy to help provide more details, or help connect you with our Support team so that they can better address your specific requirements.
Kind regards,


Guys, has anyone already received a transfer under this new scheme?I sent it a few days ago, but nothing has arrived yet.

not, same case, but not received yet. "Sent t our provider". Looks like that not working fully yet

Weekender II

@CJ2007 @RenatK Let us know please, when you'll receive the payment and how is goes. 

I chose to travel to another country to get the payment from last month and may be further ones too.


Hi everyone, 

@MariyaS @iessenti @VictorSh @myakushev @Sebely @RenatK @MaxKu @Asdolg @AntonGup 
(apologies if I missed anyone else on the thread!) 

So sorry for the delay in getting back to our Community members about this – I wanted to ensure that the information we were relaying back to you all is the most up to date, and also properly addresses the questions you have! Thanks so much for your patience as I learned more from our teams. 

For the details that I have now: 
As direct USD and EUR transfers into Russia are being slowly phased out by banks, Deel will only be able to support payments in RUB for transactions within Russia. However, Russian contractors can withdraw to banks outside of Russia via SWIFT bank transfers and e-wallet transfers. 

(Please note though, that Deel is not involved in creating or managing wallet accounts, not will Deel advise on whether a contractor in any given country can open an e-wallet balance, as availability may change.)

To comply with Russian regulations, self employed workers in Russia must upload either a Self Employment Certificate (SEC) or Individual Entrepreneur extract in order to process withdrawals in Russia. Additionally, Russian contractors can only actually start RUB withdrawals once they send in their mandatory documents, and the documents have been reviewed and approved by the Deel finance team. Please look through this article, which provides in-depth instructions on how to provide the right documents within Deel! 

Lastly, to provide some clarity around the contract currency: If your client pays you in USD (or another currency other than RUB), the contractor converts it to Rubles and transfers it to a Russian bank account or card number. Contractors can still have USD contracts, but the conversion to RUB will happen upon withdrawal. 

Thank you so much for your patience while I gathered these insight – we know how important it is for you to be able to access your funds. If you have any additional questions that I did not answer above, please let me know. I'm happy to help connect you with a member of our Support team, who can better assist your individual account needs. Alternatively, you can also create a Support ticket directly by filling out this form

With regards,

also: @BorisM @raph @CJ2007 (I maxed out at tagging 9 people)

@CassyL does RUB transfer work now? Because 2 days ago, somebody in support chat said that it is not ready yet, they are working on it, and will inform me somehow (which is not done so far).

You can add RUB account and send money, but now it's just processing for last 2 days.

4 days processing...

Similarly, "processing" has been hanging for 4 days.
I think the system is not working yet. In any case, there were no notifications from support.