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Public Plea for Deel to Help me


I'm making a public plea for Deel to help me since they have always surpassed my expectations when it comes to customer service and customer experience.

I came to spend New Year's Eve and Christmas in Mexico, unfortunately during my trip I lost my phone and had to cancel my cards, which led me to use my deel advance amount to get a phone and have some money on me which unfortunately ran out. My client is making the payment tomorrow on the 29th, however it takes 1 business day for it to be processed which means it won't be reflected in my Deel balance until the 2nd of January.

Please help me expedite the payment which has already been approved and is going to be made tomorrow, I am desperate and literally down to my last penny. I am not asking for extra money or a loan, just for the money that will be paid to be reflected in my balance on the same day please let me start off the new year with a smile.


Deel Team

Hi @waseemdia,

I'm sorry to hear about your unpleasant mishap. I understand the client is making or has made a payment today and that you are hoping to process this sooner.

I have submitted a support ticket on your behalf to help expedite the payment. I hope to receive a response from the support team shortly.

Hoping for the best - you deserve nothing less.