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Withdrawal to an unexistent account


Hi, I did a withdrawal. I intended to do it to a bank account, instead I selected Wise. I've filled all the information, and it said it was valid. Now the owner of the bank account I was trying to transact to says he doesn't have a Wise account, so I don't know who has the money. Could it be possible that the money still arrives to his bank account, although the method says it went to Wise? I' asking this because all the information was correct, the only error was me selecting Wise instead of bank transfer.



Hi @Mitello

Thanks for joining the Deel Community and asking this question. I noticed that you have already connected with our Support team on the matter, and they've helped you identify your funds that were incorrectly transferred to Wise. Given that this is a question about your specific account and account actions, our Support team would be the best route to a resolution! 

For those in the future who might have questions about a failed or delayed withdrawal, we recommend checking out this help center article on Withdrawals and Frequently Asked Questions. 

Thank you!