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EOR using deel in Argentina


Does anyone know if a company hires me using an EOR with Deel, how do I get the payment? My concern is about the exchange type, in Argentina the USD official rate is 50% of the real market price.



Hi @Fitibirlo

Thanks for joining the Deel Community, and for sharing this question. There are a number of ways that you can receive your payment when a company hires you through Deel! I'll share some resources for you below: 

1. If you are being hired as an Employee via an EOR with Deel, you'll receive pay once a month, as Deel runs payroll in Argentina once a month. Deel will deduct all taxes and benefits automatically, per local regulations. You'll receive your payment directly to your bank account, and your payslips will be available 1 to 3 days after getting paid. 
For the full article of how to get paid in Argentina as an employee, visit this help center article
Additionally, as an employee, you may have the option to split your salary between multiple bank accounts, including an international account that is from a bank in a different country than your contract employment country. You can learn more about those potential options in this help center article here

If you are being brought on as a Contractor with a Client, the contractor invoice cycle and estimated payment arrival will vary depending on the kind of contract you have (ie. Fixed Rate, Pay As You Go Contracts, and Milestone Contracts). You can learn more about the payment schedule, and the Payment Tracker tool for contractors, in this article. If you are a Contractor in Argentina with a verified client, you also have the option to use your Deel funds via the Deel Card, which acts much like a Mastercard Debit card. 

Lastly, I can't speak specifically on the experience with the Argentinian exchange rate and the real market price, but we do have members in the Argentina Regional Hub that might be able to help give you some pointers or share their own experiences! 

Kind regards, 


Hey @Fitibirlo , I am from Argentina too and I have been working remotely for more than 2 years now. Deel has a variety withdrawal methods that you can use so you are not forced to the auto-conversion. The only think you need to do is not use an Argentinian Bank as withdrawal methods. Your taxes are your responsibilities and you have to deal with that in the way you want ;).

I hope it helps.


Marcelo, good afternoon, how are you? Sorry to bother, but you seem to really know your way around. The whole operation you explain, is it possible to be done, even if the company requires my CUIT and bank information? As you well know, in Argentina we have a tainted history with banks and USD accounts...

Thanks in advance!



Hi , is still not clear for me how this works. I am hired as employee and I dont want to receive pesos. I just want to keep the usd in the deel account and transfer to payoneer. Is that possible?  I want to pay the taxes on my own as well

Hi @AV90-Arg
I can chime in on this! It's important to note that Contractors and Employees have different obligations and legal requirements, so it's super helpful to know that you're hired as an Employee. Given that you are hired as an Employee and paid in pesos, you are not able to chance the currency to USD on your own. Potentially, this is something your Employer can request to Deel directly, but there are also other requirements needed, such as a bank account denominated in the non-local currency of choice (USD, in this case). I would recommend that if you have further questions specific to your local tax obligations, you can reach out to our Support team any time for additional insights and recommendations! I'm happy to create a ticket for you, or you can reach out to them 24/7 with this form


Hi Cassy , thanks for the reply . In my case my salary is agreed in USD. That’s why I am asking if I can withdraw with payoneer