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Crypto withdrawal

Weekender II

Hi, is there any new method withdrawing money to a crypto wallet or any crypto platform for non us/eu person ? (except coinbase)


Deel Team

Hi @Yass 

At the moment we only support Coinbase but you can try going through platforms such as Paypal, Payoneer, or Wise then purchase Crypto from there. You can check out this post for some other options. This was for Peru but should be applicable to you as well. 🙂 



Hi @daryldy do you still plan to add other crypto withdrawals? I remember that in December you've mentioned your team is looking for other options. Do you still looking for it or do you have cancelled these plans?

Hi Denis @f1nal, jumping in for Daryl here!

Our team is actively working on providing a new withdrawal option that will better service our users, but we don't have updates yet as to when this will be available. I do know that we are finalizing elements of the solution, so we hope to be able to share news with our Community members soon! Thanks so much for your patience, we really appreciate it. 

kind regards,

Weekender II

Hi @CassyL I have received email from Deel saying:

"We’re Introducing a new currency withdrawal option — you can now seamlessly and securely withdraw your payments in digital currencies directly through the Deel platform to your local wallet. 

To start with digital currency withdrawals, simply log in to your Deel account and go to withdrawal section. From there, you can add the ‘Digital Currency Transfer’ as your preferred method of initiating the withdrawal process."

But currently I still have only the following options:

Bank transfer
- PayPal
- Wise
- Payoneer
- Coinbase

Is it something that is not rolled out yet?

Same here. We've also received mixed messages from the support: one was saying that this is just in the process of rollout, the other one said that this method is not available in my region 😞

I think supporting all the regions is sort of a point of crypto withdrawals in a first place. Hope it will work after all.


Hi Boris @inca and Denis @f1nal

Just wanted to keep you updated that I'm looking into this with our internal teams. I understand that you both received an email regarding the new digital currency transfer options, so I'm sorry for the confusion this caused. I'll have some more information from our teams soon on it's full availability. 

Thanks so much for your patience! 

Thank you. For me (and my employer), in particular, this option would be vital because almost no other options work for the region I'm currently at. So please keep us posted.


Hi Boris @inca and Denis @f1nal

I looked into this with my team and unfortunately, there are some countries where the Digital Currency Transfer is not yet available. Withdrawals to accounts in the USA, UK, Russia and Belarus are not supported by Digital Currency Transfer at this time. Details on the Digital Currency Transfers can be found in this article

Please let us know if you have additional questions, and we apologize for any confusion on this. 

Thanks so much, 

Hi Cassy,

Is work underway to add "Digital Currency Transfer" for residents of Russia and Belarus? Or maybe some other method is in development?

My colleague and I have been unable to receive our money since mid-December and are very concerned about this.

Best wishes,


Hello, Cassy,

This is Michaels ⬆️ coworker, and I also want to receive any updates regarding the withdrawal of money for Russia and Belarus, because since bank transfers have been completely cut off, there is Litteraly no way to manage our money and the whole situation is, to put it softly is Very conserning.


Hi Michael @FoxMuldorn and Vadim @BuiscuitB

Thanks so much for sharing about your scenario and we understand how important it is to be able to access your funds. At this current time, our team is working hard on several solutions. When we have updates, we will provide clear instructions as soon as possible to keep you informed. An email or banner will be shared with you once that happens, and I can follow up here with you as well. Additionally, if its helpful to you, I can also create a ticket so that our Support team members can help you further navigate this. Let me know if you'd like for me to connect you both to an Support agent. 

Thanks so much for your patience on this, 

Hi Cassy,

Thank you for your work.

I really hope for a quick and easy way to withdraw in cryptocurrency, this is a priority option for me

Best wishes,

Hi. Do you know if Coinbase could work with Russia/Belarus? I see Deel can send money to Coinbase Wallet but not sure if I will be able to send the crypto from Coinbase Wallet to any crypto exchange. Also coinbase crypto exchange seems is not available in Russia. So I want to make sure I will be able to send the money from Wallet to another exchange...

Hi, my old Coinbase account has been deactivated, but I can't create a new one, so it's not an option

Hi Michael @FoxMuldorn, I wanted to follow up on this with you, because I know how important it is for you and your colleague, Vadim, to be able to access your funds. Although our team is actively working on evaluating the options available for Russia, I don't yet have a timeline to share for it. As soon as we learn more, I'll be sure to share here, and you'll receive communications about it via email as well! In the meantime, I've gone ahead and shared your comment and experience with our internal teams.

Thank you so much for your continued patience on this. 
Best regards,

Hi @evgenys, as far as I'm aware, Coinbase is not supported in Russia or Belarus. 

Hi there! I receive the same email. But I don't understand very well how it works.

I look forward to your answer.

Hi Mario @Mr-Vince
I responded back to you in the original post you made, but please let me know if you have more questions about it. 



hi there, i have switched to Ruul just because of this... they allow for collecting crypto payout regardless of your country as well as many other payout options. 

same here. switched to because of the crypto payout but they also have incredible currency coverage which makes payment collection super easy.