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Mx-withdrawal method


Hello. I’m new at being a contractor and was hopping you could recommend the best withdrawal method for Mexico. Since the fees and conversion rates vary a lot. 



Hi Daniela @D_Glz, welcome to the Deel Community! We're excited to hear that you're starting off your journey as a contractor 🎉 While I can't personally offer advice on best withdrawal methods in Mexico, I can offer a little more insight into the types of withdrawals you can leverage in Mexico. Take a look at this resource that outlines the different types of withdrawal methods, and the fees associated with them. Additionally, Deel Card is available in both virtually and physically now in Mexico, so that could be another option for you to consider! You can learn more about Deel Card here

I'm not sure if you had the chance to take a look yet, but we do have a Mexico Regional hub with remote workers who can likely offer some additional advice. @AnaissaRCH kicked us off with this wonderful intro post, and perhaps @OscarCarrillo or Mario @HungryWolf might have some tips for you; I recall Rodrigo @Zevahc used to be in Mexico too!

Looking forward to learning more about you and your remote work experiences! 

Weekender II

Hey @D_Glz 

Do bank transfer, I've been using it since I started with Deel, no issues but more important, no fees! and most of the time it just comes to my account 15 minutes after I withdraw the money, in my case I use citibanamex! but should work with any bank in Mexico 🙂


Thanks for lending Daniela some of your insights, Oscar! 🙌